Stack Testing Sampling Equipment

Equipment 1

Heated sampling probe with glass liner and nozzle. Pitot attached

Equipment 3

Heated probe in the stack connected to condenser and sampling pump box. A combustion gas analyser is measuring O2,CO2,CO,NO and NO2

Equipment 4

Heated filter box fitted with a 30mm x 80mm glass fibre filter.

Equipment 5

Pump box fitted with all of the necessary controls to allow isokinetic sampling. Sampling rate can be calculated using either the flowmeter, gas meter or orifice gauge.

Equipment 6

Sampling probe in the stack, looking in from the opposite port.

Equipment 7

Heated probe fitted with a heated teflon line to prevent the sampled gas from condensing as it travels to the condenser.

Equipment 8

Stack testing is very labour intensive. The technician will manually monitor the sampling rate for each run conducted.